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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we are in the fox hole. it's not easy. and the president and our democrat colleagues still are not serious about cutting spending. >> my message to the republicans who are stopping this is if they bring this economy down, they have broken it and they own it. >> bill: the debt debate is now a crisis. the united states might be downgraded by the moody's investment agency. and the fed chairman ben bernanke warns of, quote, a fugitive financial calamity. krauthammer -- >> we give interviews to fox news including bill o'reilly. >> bill: the white house administration has denied vendetta against fox news. new documents may paint a different picture. bernie goldberg will weigh in. >> say hello to my new friend. >> the villan edition. >> take it easy and nobody will
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get hurt. >> bill: how much do you know about some very bad people. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a crisis that will hurt you if not resolved, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. earlier this week we interviewed congresswoman michele bachmann who says she will not vote to raise the debt ceiling no matter what. talking points respectfully disagrees with ms. bachmann because if a debt deal is not reached americans will suffer greatly. now, i know some of you don't believe that here is even more evidence. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned yesterday that the nation faces a huge financial calamity if the debt ceiling is not increased. also the moody's financial analysis ratings agency is threatening to downgrade america's bonds which are now aaa rated that would drastically
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hurt the u.s. economy. once again all americans should put ideology aside and urge the politicians to get a compromise done. here is what it should be. number one, there must be at least, at least $2 trillion in immediate spending cuts agreed upon. that would keep americans debt at around $14 trillion after the dust clears. in addition, no increase in income taxes but the government should close many tax loopholes which would increase revenue and hold the wealthy more accountable because they use the loopholes. both parties should agree to revise the entire tax code. let's stop the nonsense, a flat tax would raise far more revenue than we are getting now. as far as entitlements like medicare and social security are concerned, you can't get reform done now. that will have to wait until after the presidential election. president obama and the democrats must stop the spending madness immediately. the country simply can't afford it nismt on the other side, conservative tea party people can't continue to say hey, we don't care what happens to the economy. we're not going to raise the debt limit no matter how many
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cuts are put in writing. look, there are trillions of dollars on the sidelines right now. if the u.s. government can convince people that fiscal responsibility is on the way, some of that money will begin to flow into your economy. we need investment here. we need job expansion. we need confidence in our capitalistic system. yesterday white house spokesman jay carney said i was a voice of moderation in the debate. >> there is a growing chorus out here of republicans and conservatives who acknowledge we need to do this in a balanced way. i think you interviewed senator simpson who made that quite clear. i think bill o'reilly on fox news expressed that sentiment last night. >> bill: so now i am offering to broker the debt compromise. i will go down there. i'm ready to answer the call. because i'm looking out for you, not some crazed ideology or political party. that's the memo.
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now for the top story tonight. let's bring in fnc analyst charles krauthammer who most likely believes i'm a pinhead in the debate. am i correct, doctor? >> you are not a pinhead. you are not like an astronaut orbiting the far side of the moon having lost all communication with earth. if you think you are going to get a 2 trillion, a real 2 trillion-dollar cut from this administration, you really are somewhat out there. patriotic but still out of touch. >> bill: whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. let me stop you there you don't believe that if republicans said to president obama, listen, you go to your original proposal 2.4 trillion in cuts, remember, that was the original on-the-table proposal. and we will close up, we'll support you in closing up a lot of tax loopholes, overseas accounts, all of this stuff. you don't think obama will go for that? >> that's because your assumption is that the 2.4 trillion was real. this is all stuff that is coming out of leaks. we have no idea.
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>> bill: you put it down in writing. got to put it down in writing. >> we had in writing a resolution of the issue of the government shutdown. remember that? we had in writing $30 billion in cuts and what did it turn out to be ultimately? 1/3 of a billion dollars in cuts. if you want to see real numbers, you are going to have to ask them to spell it out openly and not to leak all this stuff which has no -- >> bill: i agree with you. i think critical mass has been reached. if you look at the polls, president obama has got to know he is in desperate trouble here. he really is in desperate trouble. if you are the republican party you say here are the cuts right here. you release them to you, to me, to all the folks. and if long with these cuts, mr. president. we will work with you to close up the tax loopholes you will get your tax mantra because that's where the tax loopholes are. we will not raise the income tax and hurt the economy at the same time. i submit to you it could happen and it should happen.
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>> but you are working from the assumption that obama is on the defensive here. i think he has very well turned the press into running the story. you saw it all weekend. >> bill: let's go to the polls and go the to facts. >> yeah, but the polls are -- what the impression of the country now has. >> bill: right. >> is that obama is ready to deal, is he ready to compromise, and what is holding us up is the intransgeneral's of the republicans over taxes. >> bill: that can be easily turned around by the republicans if they get smart and play this thing -- look, let's put the poll up, all right? this is the gallup poll and it says how do you want to reduce the deficit? 50% of americans say only or mostly with spending cuts. half the country says that. all right? now, when you have half the country on the side of the republicans, which this poll clearly demonstrates and you have another gallup poll which we will talk about in a moment,
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saying that only 39% of americans are now willing to vote for president obama for re-election, as opposed to any republican, an unnamed republican. this was just out this afternoon, president obama is in trouble. and americans are blaming him, even though you are right, the media is in the tank for him. that's correct. but the folks aren't buying it anymore. >> obama now owns the economy. he has been there for three years. he owns the 9% unemployment. he owns the economic growth rate. he owns the debt. the reason that he is in the position of strength here if he convinces the country, he has the press on his side, if he does, republicans are the ones, because of their stubborn over the corporate jets and all of that who held up a deal and threatened the economy, even if we have a week of disruption, with a spike in interest rates which sets us back economically, he then has a partner next year. he doesn't observe the economy
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alone -- own the economy alone. can he look at the republicans and charge they're the ones that sent us into a double dip recession. that's why the republicans are afraid. >> bill: well, they have a good reason to be afraid. because of the media is a powerful but they can overcome it the republicans can overcome it. >> you are right about the fact that we can't allow a debt default. but what the republicans ought to do is to have the house republicans pass a package a quarter the size of yours, half a trillion dollars in cuts that give you until the end of the year and say to obama we dare you to veto this and to throw the economy into a tail spin. i guarantee you he will sign it. and then you say, mr. president, you have talked about adjusting the tax code. we will go along with you in closing all the loopholes in return for a lowering of tax rates exactly as in the debt commission which you commissioned last year simpson bowls. that's the way they ought to approach it and i aguarantee you that the president will no
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longer be in the cat bird seat. once the house acts on a short-term, smaller spending cut bill. >> i think that's a brilliant, brilliant analysis. and if you couldn't get what i said done, which you might not, then you should go to there. do what you said. try for the 2. can't get the 2. we will take the half trillion. >> i will join you in the negotiations. it will be a joint o'reilly/krauthammer negotiation. >> bill: get mccallum go for it they don't want the two of us. >> i might have to reconsider in that case. >> bill: martha, come on, get her in there she will charm those people. she is brilliant. the three of us will get it done. all right, charles. we have a new bill o' poll question for you. do you believe the economy will be harmed, as charles and i do, if a debt deal is not reached? yes or no? please vote on bill o' in a moment a democrat will respond. later, who is paying casey anthony's legal bills?
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the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. >> bill: over the debt chaos. >> the president and the administration our democrat colleagues still are not serious about cutting spending. that is the issue. >> my message to the republicans who are stopping us from extending the debt ceiling is if
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they bring this economy down, they have broken it and they own it. >> bill: joining us now from washington rob anderson from new jersey. you just heard charles krauthammer in my analysis of this. what say you about that first of all? let's stay right there. >> bill, i think your point was a refreshing voice of reason. and i would get involved in doing a deal like you laid out. i think it needs to be large. i would try to do 4 trillion but certainly 2.5 is good. it has to be balanced in the way you suggested. let me say this to charles about specificity in spending cuts. we're projected into the discretionary accounts to spend about $20 trillion over the next 10 years. you and i are talking about cutting 10% of that $2 trillion. i think that's very, very doable. >> bill: absolutely doable. you have got to stop the ideological nonsense. >> you write it into the law. >> bill: there is a lot of politicking here. there is a lot of position for the presidential election and
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all of that. look, it shouldn't be for this great country of ours to cut 10% out of the spending? come on. >> have you ever seen whether it's a weapons system or a housing program, have you seen a federal program that doesn't have 10% waste in it at least? i haven't. >> bill: it's a philosophical thing. i want the democrats to start to buy into the fact that we have gone far too -- far too far in the spending realm. now, nobody believes me, congressman, when i say president obama is getting hammered here. charles doesn't believe me. dick morris doesn't believe me. nobody believes me. >> i do. >> bill: good i'm glad you do. this is a gallup poll out today that i mentioned to charles. it says, all right, that registered voters by a margin of 47% to 39% would vote for any republican presidential nominee over mr. obama. anybody. >> i will say this though. when you actually match him up against another individual he is
11:15 pm
usually ahead. >> bill: we saw that last night. >> i don't care who is ahead and who is behind. i know this, if the country defaults on this debt ceiling, there will be economic disaster. and if we don't get the deficit down, there will be economic disaster. so let's stop reading polls and start coming up with decent, refreshing ideas the way you started the program with i also agree with you that there is a way you can raise revenue without raising tax rates. let's get rid of the ethanol subsidy. let's get rid of some of the oil company give aways. i think there is at least 2 or $300 billion worth of those. you add that to the 2 trillion in spending cuts. that gives you 2.5 or so. that's really. >> bill: those are basically, what you just mentioned, that's spending stuff that we have to stop and we would. but i'm very interested in reforming the tax code. getting a flat tax into this country, perhaps a 1% national sales tax to fund medicare, which is doable and not going to hurt anybody. it is progressive because rich people spend more.
11:16 pm
>> what i don't want to do is russia decision like that by august 2nd. >> bill: no. have you got to debate it absolutely. >> the things you talked about we all know how to do them we should just get it done. i think it's something we should do. >> bill: why don't we hear more of what you are saying from the democratic party. we hear a lot of saber rattling. you just heard durbin. you hear pelosi and these people come out and say this, you are a measured guy. i didn't know what you were going to say here tonight. i just booked you because you are a good guest and' wanted to hear your point of view. how prevalent is your point of view in the democratic precincts? congress? >> it would be, if we got to an honest discussion of the issues instead of the saber rattling on the republican side. and i don't want to get into he said, she said. but when you have got republicans like congresswoman bachmann saying don't raise the debt ceiling. when you have got other republicans saying no revenues under any circumstances no matter what they are. that tends to yield an equally partisan response on our side.
11:17 pm
let's check that at the door. >> bill: isn't that 3rd grade stuff though? isn't it. >> let's graduate and solve the country's problem. i agree with you. >> bill: all right, congressman. always a pleasurable to have you on here. >> my pleasure, bill. >> bill: the white house has always denied taking reprisals against fox news. documents tell a different story. bernie goldberg has been analyzing that and he will be here. should society punish parents who allow their children to become grossly overweight. culture warriors on that. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, throughout president obama's two and a half years in office, it has sometimes gotten personal between the white house and fox news. you may remember the white house denied fox news access to financial czar ken feinberg until other media actually
11:21 pm
complained on our behalf. in september of 2009, president obama gave interviews to all the networks except fnc. that angered chris wallace among others. now new documents have emerged that seem to prove the white house doesn't like fnc at all. documents obtained through judicial watch through a freedom of information act request and state the following: that on october 22nd, 2009, the white house director broadcast media said, quote: we would prefer if you skip fox, please. the next day, another white house communications worker wrote, quote: i am putting some fish in the fox cubby, just cause. also on october 23rd, 2009, deputy white house press secretary josh earnest wrote, quote. we have demonstrated our willingness and ability to exclude fox news from significant interviews, but yet, we didn't. today jay carney responded. >> no one at the white house, either a current or former employee, ever placed a dead fish in the fox news cubby hole, which i know is a suggestion.
11:22 pm
i can also say that it is well-known that at the time there was a dispute between fox news and its coverage and the white house and its feelings about the coverage. i mean, that was then and, you know, we, obviously deal with fox news regularly. i call on you regularly. we give interviews to fox news, including to bill o'reilly. >> bill: as well they should. joining us now from north carolina to analyze the purveyor of bernard bernie goldberg. all right, they are saying it's all in the past. and that's what mike clement, the senior v.p. for hard news says our relations have improved with the white house. you say? >> yeah. it may be, say may because i think if it suits their purpose down the road to start the war going again they probably will, rear view mirror. the emails that were just released tell us something important. tells us that these politicians in the white house are willing
11:23 pm
to look you right in the eye and lie to you. now, they are not the first politicians who lie. but this was supposed to be different. barack obama told us when he was campaigning that this would not be politics as usual if he was elected well it is politics as usual or at least it was. second thing is they are not the first administration to go to war with the news media. but i don't think this administration wants to be compared to richard nixon. that's not a good pr move. third point is somebody needs to tell barack obama, if he hasn't figured it out already, that he is not the mayor of chicago and 1600 pennsylvania avenue isn't city hall. when you are in the big leagues, you act it you don't go to war with the cable news operation. the final point is, this is so hard to understand, what is it about these supposedly sophisticated people who are either unwilling or uncapable of distinguishing between news and opinion? listen, if they don't like the
11:24 pm
partisans on the opinion side, fine. stiff them. don't give them anything. there is no problem with that. but bret baier, chris wallace? these are serious journalists. on this program on every side of the week there is somebody on this side and somebody on that show. earlier on the show krauthammer comes at the issue from the right. the democratic congressman comes at it from a more leftist position. what is it that these people -- what did they think they were going to gain? i'm putting it in the past tense. i'm putting it in the past tense, bill, hoping it's history but what did they think they were going to gain going to war with fox news? >> bill: here. i don't know if barack obama himself gave the order to ice fnc. i don't know. you couldn't possibly trace it down. but somebody apparently did somebody in the white house high up. we don't like these guys. they are not fair and balanced. the lower guys start to do it.
11:25 pm
that's what always happens. pick it up and curry favor you know how it is in any bureaucracy. they lost. they got their butt kicked. i wrote about it in pinheads and patriots. that war in the white house was the worst thing they could possibly do because we are on the air 24/7. if you are going to give us a hard time we're going to spotlight the hard time and you are going to look petty as you just said. let's consider one thing. barack obama is a man, i think we would both agree, bernie and i would both agree who doesn't like criticism. he doesn't like it. would you agree with that? >> yes. >> okay. and i don't know. >> most people don't. >> bill: i don't know too many people -- george w. bush may have been the exception. he didn't seem to care because i kept asking him. but, president obama doesn't like criticism. takes it personally. doesn't like it. all the other media, major media, i mean all of them love him. love him. you just heard krauthammer say look, they are going to carry his water on the debt ceiling
11:26 pm
debate no matter what happens. fnc is a little skeptical in some quarters, particularly in the analysis realm of the president. and so, it amplifies it, blows up much bigger than it would be if there were a fair media in america. >> no. i think that's a correct analysis. the mistake that they made and this is another thing, that you would think these sophisticated people were smarter than, this but i'm starting to wonder how smart they really are it isn't just conservatives who would never vote for barack obama who watch this channel there are many independents who watch. when you go to war with an entire channel you go to war with their viewers. one of the things that came out today, this is great, one of the things that came out was that deputy communications director writes an email about bret baier, because he said he did a stupid piece tonight about how
11:27 pm
we froze fox out of the pool. we did a stupid piece. they did a stupid piece, but is he a lunatic. let me tell you something. there may be some lunatics roaming the halls up where you are, but it isn't bret baier. if they think that that shows you how crazy they are. >> bill: well, it just shows you that once you get that kool-aid drinking, i think my direct superior wants me to do bad things. and by the way i did not get a mackerel from the white house. you know, there were no fish. anyone anybody that got a fish. fish are healthy. it could be a good thing they want us to eat healthy by giving us a fish. >> i'm sure that's what they meant. >> bill: swims with the fishes. luka. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. who exactly is paying the legal bills of casey anthony? they are huge. should society punish the parents of obese children? culture warriors are investigating solutions to the
11:28 pm
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>> bill: factor follow up segment as you know casey anthony set to be released from a florida jail this coming sunday. her attorneys say as soon as she gets out they will put her on a plane. who is paying for all of this? ms. anthony's legal bills have to run a million dollars plus. joining us now from south florida of a after fro aphrodite jones. she has no money no skills no workforce, no savings, anything. this is big dollars. who is paying for the plane? who is paying for all of this? >> as far as the plane, i would imagine that mr. baez has worked a deal. is he good at being a barter ter. being somebody who knows how to use his whils, if you will, look what he did with a jury. i know that he has made a deal. somebody is providing that plane
11:32 pm
with no charge. >> bill: you believe that jose beaz defense attorney for casey anthony is orchestrating her release from jail and her security afterward. you believe that he remains very, very involved in the woman's case? >> absolutely without question. you know, this is the only person she has had a relationship with for the past three years. not even her parents visited her as much as beaz baez and tight. >> who is payes baez? >> good question. i will tell you. the state of florida, we the taxpayers in the state of florida are paying her bills in terms of court costs, in terms of protection for her while she is in prison now in jail. and as she gets released from jail. and if there are any threats, viable threats, we will also have to pay for those to be followed up on. not to mention we paid for the search for caylee that she sent our law enforcement in florida out on a wild goose chase for
11:33 pm
six months. all of that was paid by florida taxpayers. now, we're -- where is the money coming from? well baez and his team have been working pro bono. bill, why is that? because who knew who jose baez was until the day this. >> bill: lawyers for anthony are pretty much working for free. and in exchange they become famous and they can market stuff. let's get to the marketing. casey anthony had 200,000 given to her by abc for pictures and things like that. usually the way it goes at the network level. they don't pay directly or pay for pictures or your uncle is going to be here or there, whatever. that 200 grand is gone. obviously she had some money and i assume the attorneys took some money from her. actually 200 grand to my knowledge has been sealed by the judge but that was primarily spent on legal fees and the flying in and out of all of these experts like linda --
11:34 pm
>> bill: that was used toward that. now, there is a rumor that nbc is negotiating with casey anthony. nbc says they are not going to pay her any money. again, there are other roots where you can get money to the person for cooperation interview. have you heard anything like that? >> i'm aware that obviously these networks are interested. abc and nbc are competitive when it comes to this particular interview. they are the forerunners. however, nbc has made it very clear they are not going to play the game. >> bill: anybody who does will risk the wrath of the american people. finally and i only have less than a minute. rumors of witness tampering. do you think there is anything to that? were any witnesses tampered with. >> i think there is something to it, bill. a woman whose name whose name is laura buchanan. she is a potential one to call out and look at. she was helping.
11:35 pm
she became friendly with baez. she filled out forms from texas equusearch and handed them in a day late and in those forms, somehow she is indicating that she is at the place where caylee's remains were but she was also at a park on the same day. doesn't add up. she was talking to defense investigators in between. >> bill: okay. >> so if they can get. >> bill: this woman didn't have anything important to say, correct? >> no that is important. because she is saying that caylee's remains were not at the site where she was ultimately found, which means baez's whole argument that somebody moved the remains is what -- >> bill: her testimony was an integral part of the case and now she is being looked at. do you know this for sure? is this solid aphrodite? >> i will say this. there is a solid lead she is the one. there is also somebody else in that search party that might be the person that's going to wind up hanging baez and his team. >> bill: you think that jose
11:36 pm
baez may be in trouble here? >> i do. and i think if they can -- there is a separate person, i'm not at liberty to name. >> bill: okay. we don't want to take it any further from that when you get it nailed down you come back and we will see. all right. aphrodite thank you very much. culture warriors on parents of obese children. should they be held legally responsible? and then the great american news quiz the villan edition. how much do you know about some very bad people? moments away.
11:37 pm
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11:39 pm
>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the culture warrior segment tonight, two harvard researchers say that morbidly obese children should be taken away from their parents, especially if they have diseases connected to their weight problems. professor leslie and david ludwig opine that the situation could be considered child abuse
11:40 pm
or neglect. here now to analyze the culture warriors in washington menendez in for margaret hoover tonight and here in fox news gresham carlson. serious situation taking your kids away. but if they are morbidly obese, which means weigh out of control and they are suffering from by dietz and others, -- diabetes and others isn't that child neglect. >> i don't think the government should get involved in that kid mal-nourished that is easy feed the kid. this is so much more complex than just stopping a kid from starving. this is a complete lifestyle change. and i don't know if the government can get into the business of doing that. and here's the thing. the government already really is not good at doing this. the foster care system is overloaded. where are we going to put these kids. >> bill: never want to put the kids into foster care. what if a -- in order to remove the child from the home you have to show that there is neglect or abuse. as you said, if you are not feeding the child you can see it. all right? but in this case if the state says look, the kid is 200 pounds
11:41 pm
overweight or something. we have got a doctor that says the parents won't feed the kid properly, to me, you are putting the kid in danger. >> so you would advocate that the government would take away your kid? >> bill: i wouldn't advocate anything. >> where would they put them? >> bill: foster home. >> foster parents would have to figure out requirement how to feed them in a healthy manner? >> bill: i have got an m.d. and the m.d. said these parents over here just simply will not look out for the health of their children, i have got to take it seriously. what do you say alicia? >> i think that's the exact right question and i think it's the thing that's not really clarified in this article which is how do you know the difference between what is genetics and poor education and what is legitimately neglect and abuse. if you can answer that and set up criteria then it's not entirely unreasonable. >> bill: i don't think it's possible to set up criteria. you would have to go on a case by case. if it's serious enough there should be an investigation. if the school alerts the social services and say there is a kid
11:42 pm
in our school who is sick all the time and is 200 pounds overweight, i think it has to look at it? >> oh, for sure. >> bill: if a doctor says the parents simply don't care, let the kid eat sugar all day long, then you have got to move. so i'm not a knee-jerk opposed to. this now we have got to get on to a very, very very tough story. 8-year-old boy, brooklyn, walks home from camp, seven blocks, all right? asks direction from a guy. the guy kills the kid, dismembers the kid. now, here's the question, carlson. 8 years old, do you let an 8-year-old walk home from a camp in a religious neighborhood, primarily jewish neighborhood, and the parents, i understand, rehearsed the walk with the kid and the kid is going to be 9 or would have been 9 in a couple of weeks. do you let him to do it. >> absolutely not. i just had this discussion with a group of moms ironically on monday before this happened. we were discussing whether or not we would let our 8-year-old
11:43 pm
children, my daughter is 8. ride her bike just down the street to see her friend and i don't know if times have changed or. >> bill: of course it's changed. >> all to being scared. but then this story happens and i say to myself my goodness you can't let your children out of your sight. >> bill: you say even though the boy was almost 9. >> no way. >> bill: can't let him walk seven blocks. do you concur alicia. >> i think that might be the sad reality. states have different laws about what age at which you are allowed to leave your child home alone. some states it's as early as 8. there are states like illinois where you are not allowed to leave your child home alone until they are 14. that gives us some measure of when it is safe to allow a child to do that and when it's not. i see what these parents thought though. they felt like they lived in a safe neighborhood. when you read accounts -- >> bill: i still think -- i hate to say that, you know that carlson is correct. >> i'm going to turn you around, bill. you can't. >> bill: when i was 8 i hitchhiked to ohio from long island. my parents go hey, did you bring
11:44 pm
us back anything? but now it's dangerous. there is so much danger and evil in the air, i guess there was back then but nothing like now. >> we used to go out and play in the neighborhood all day long. you come home for dinner when you heard your name called. >> bill: you had dinner at your house? >> yeah. i wasn't cooking it. >> bill: it was much, much different culture that's for sure 60 years ago when carlson and i were children. >> not exactly. >> bill: in a moment, the great american news quiz the ville lanel edition. great questions about evil. just talking about it and we have questions for you. pat donald rumsfeld patted down at the airport. was the move pinheaded or patriotic? that coming right
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz the villan
11:48 pm
edition. here now to two heroic individuals or so they tell me fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for george myers and ffsz guy steve doocy representing jennifer degraff from temple, texas. if you would like to win nifty prizes sign up on bill o' i picked this category because i know mccallum very interested in villains and bad people. she anchors with hemmer. >> whoa. >> what more you can say? question number one one of alpena al pacino's favorite characters is tony from scar face. >> do you want to play rough? okay. say hello to my little friend. [explosion] >> bill: that had to hurt. now scar face is a fictional character, but scar face is also a remake of a 1932 film of the same name. that was based on what real life gangster?
11:49 pm
al capone. everybody watching could have known that. >> i should have called geraldo if it was al capone. >> bill: that was a cheap shot, doocy. talk about a villain. watch out with geraldo. he doesn't like that stuff. the evil physician committed documented atrocities world war ii when he experimented on auschwitz. what happened film the boys from brazil cards up, please. this is another easy one and maccallum blew it. roll the tape. >> listen to me, i will not permit to you lay your failure or your fear at my door. i am a scientist.
11:50 pm
i have done my job. you are an executioner. do yours. >> bill: excellent film boys in brazil lawrence olivier. no that was marathon man. i get them mixed up. so gregory peck was the correct answer. maccallum off by two. doocy leads by one. three, last king of scotland forest whitacre won oscar for real life dictator of amine. >> i wear the uniform of a general but in my heart i am a simple man. i am surrounded by traitors. to americans i am a -- these are lies. >> bill: i say i'm a simple man, too. i better drop that amine was the dictator of what african country did he terrorize?
11:51 pm
amin, dictator of what country and the answer is uganda, correct. all right. now we're rolling, mccallum. >> you got it. >> behind by one. johnny depp's character in the pirates of the caribbean movies very loosely based on exploits of famous real life pirates such as black beard. >> ask about it. >> the doll. [screams] >> bill: not sure black beard wore mass carla. it's possible. in addition to the skull and cross bones many pirates put what item on their flags to symbolize death and frighten their victims? cards up, please. the answer is a, an hour glass.
11:52 pm
that was a really hard one. i don't know that one. i don't know why an hourglass would frighten anybody. >> i have a fear of hour glasses. >> bill: depp in all three of these pirate movies has more mass carla that maccallum has. >> but not doocy in the morning. king the eighth of england' had four wives beheaded. british invasion band called henry the eighth. what is the name of that band? cards up, please. the answer is, roll the tape. ♪ i'm henry the eighth i am ♪ henry the eighth i am, i am ♪ widow next door ♪ >> bill: one of the dumbest songs ever recorded. >> that was a great song.
11:53 pm
>> bill: just dumb. sold millions of copies. >> it was a simpler time. >> bill: i would have had herman's hermits beheaded had i been henry the eighth. you lost maccallum. that's okay. you gave a spirited defense. so jennifer degraff from temple, texas is the big winner. but george myers we are going to send you prizes too. >> thank you so much, bill. >> bill: you are welcome. pinheads and patriots on deck. donald rumsfeld patted down by airport security. it's gruesome. p and p is next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympms. but if you have arthris, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies,
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for a body in motion. george: patty, let me be honest with you. won't filing for social security benefits online be confusing? patty: george, it's simple and easy, and you can do it in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home! george: oh, my! patty: you've navigated through asteroid belts, right? george: oh sure, plenty of times. patty: compared to that, navigating is a snap! george: really? patty: it's so easy, even kirk could do it.
11:56 pm
>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring donald rumsfeld getting patted don't at the airport. >> but first if you want a shirt you better get on it. if you become a premium member, we'll give you the excellent shirt free of charge. molly does not come with the it. >> now the mail: >> bill: here are the stats, you can decide for yourself. when president bush took office in 2001 the national debt was 5.7 trillion. when he left office it was 10.6 trillion. the debt now 14. after 30 months of president obama. do the math you can see mr. obama is far out-spending mr. bush.
11:57 pm
>> bill: not so phil. i don't have tax loopholes. i don't park money overseas. i pay tax on every dime i make. many corporations don't. they game the system and that's what has to stop. >> bill: your analysis is misguided and painful richard. do you want the economy to implode when it doesn't have to? we have to stop the crazy spending, but we have to do it the smart way. >> bill: good topic for a presidential debate, but let's get through this crisis first. >> bill: miller was just joshing around. i don't think she took
11:58 pm
offense. >> bill: asking miller and me to be more courteous is like asking joy behar to vote republican, not gonna happen. i'm courteous, miller is not. >> bill: who knows, jack. i just hope there aren't any arrests. see you guys on long island in person, august 20th. and in connecticut october 29th. going to be a blast. >> finally pinheads and patriots. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld got what most of us get when he went to the o'hare airport in chicago. he went through airport security and patted down. we don't know if he was x-rayed, full body and we don't want to know. it is patriotic that all americans are treated the same, but it is pinheaded that we have to go this. there should be an e-z pass
11:59 pm
system for americans. computers can did that. patting down mr. rumsfeld and 2-year-olds is dumb and pinheaded. that is it for us tonight. check out the website different from spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be narcissistic, good word you should look it up this is a growing problem in america, don't be narcissistic when writing us to. thanks for watching. remember the spin stops right remember the spin stops right here. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc.

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